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What is a Course Map?

A course map is a visual overview of all components of an online course. Course maps organize the structure of a course around its learning modules. Each module is broken down into its components: module outcomes, assessments, activities, instruction, and then linked or mapped to the corresponding course learning outcome to show alignment.

Why Map your course?

- Create manageable units of learning.

- Determine effective assessments that align with learning outcomes.

- Ensure learning builds and scaffolds appropriately.

- Provide clear expectations for your learners.

- Design a roadmap for your course.

- Evaluate the bridge between courses.


Creating a course map is essential to online course development because course maps demonstrate alignment and a path for your course. The process of mapping a course provides a complete view of the course with the learner in mind. This course guide suggests working backwards, beginning with identifying the desired learning outcomes first. This often means taking a much bigger step back to evaluate the overall vision and purpose of the course in the context of its program, field of study, and professional outlook. Having a vision and outcomes for the course is the first step in backward design before planning activities and instruction.

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