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Course Competencies

Competencies are broad, long-range outcomes that refer to the general aims or purposes of education, such as clear communication and problem-solving skills. Competencies are typically visionary and are used to develop learning outcomes, which will be addressed in the next step. In order to identify your course competencies, consider the
Domains of Learning: Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes


Course competencies target not only the educational goals, but they address the professional and interpersonal goals for the learner. They help identify the general facts and principles (Knowledge), procedures and methods (skills), and values and characteristics (Attitudes) that learners will attain from completing the course.


When identifying your course competencies, think about the long-term impact you want this course to have on your students and why this course will be meaningful to them in both their educational and professional outlook.


Download The Online Course Mapping Guide Exercise Worksheet. Read the Course Competencies information and instructions. Once you've created your course competencies, move on to the Learning Outcomes page where you will use the competencies created in this worksheet.

Download the Exercise Worksheet

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