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Learning Activities

After determining the formative and summative assessments for your course, think about the level of interaction this course will encompass and the kinds of activities that will help learners gain practice and build their skills. An online or hybrid course that is high-touch and engaging involves meaningful learning activities. Learning activities include interactions and engagements that allow learners to practice, self-assess, obtain feedback, and establish retention and transfer of their learning. These interactions can be categorized into three types: learner-content interaction, learner-learner interaction, and learner-instructor interaction.

To identify the appropriate learning activities for your course, consider the kinds of interaction that will contribute to a deeper understanding of the instructional material, give learners the opportunity to practice and document specific procedures and methods, engage learners in collaborating with their peers, and improve their skills through helpful feedback from the instructional team.

Learner-Content Interaction


- self-paced learning material

- self-check quizzes

- drag-n-drop, matching

- digital textbooks 

- videos with self-check quizzes

- labwork, field work

- practice items

Learner-Learner Interaction


- peer review

- discussion forum

- group collaboration

- community boards

- wiki

- file share

- breakout rooms




- office hours

- synchronous meetings 

- discussion boards

- grading rubrics

- assignment feedback

- announcements

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